Data Logger
Xoraya ML-N4000 Aero

The XORAYA ML-N4000 AEROis a dedicated aviation data logger, which has a wide range of applications thanks to six freely configurable interface slots.


The modular design of the XORAYA ML-N4000 AERO allows numerous customer-specific adaptations. For example, the device can be assembled or retrofitted according to customer requirements. This allows the data logger to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing conditions and to grow continuously with your projects.


The number and type of interfaces can be adapted to different customer requirements. Various plug-in modules are available for this purpose.


Upon request, an adaptation or further development of the data logger regarding the recording data rate and performance can be checked.


Upon customer request, additional export formats can also be implemented depending on the requirements.


We also offer customized cable harnesses, mounting racks and complete installations in test aircraft.

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